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Warranty Information

All of the OEM products at Partsroom are subject to a manufacturer's warranty. This may differ from brand to brand, and may range from a 1 year standard policy on lifting parts and accessories, to a 5 year warranty on structural components. At Partsroom, every product we ship should be free from manual and material defects. If not, they will be covered under the appropriate manufacturer's guarantee. Aftermarket products are not backed by the manufacturer in the same way that OEM products are, and for this reason will be subject to our distributors returns policy, if applicable. Please contact us for further details on individual cases.

Click here to download the Partsroom Warranty Claim Form.

Partsroom’s Warranty Policy

At Partsroom, we make no warranties expressed or implied except for the manufacturer's warranty as highlighted above. We shall also not be held responsible for any component pre-set requirements, whether they're mechanical, electrical, or hydraulic. Any products a customer receives from us must be stored in the right conditions, and installed by qualified or trained personnel. We cannot be held responsible for any items damaged during installation or storage.

Should a buyer discover a defective part that falls within the manufacturer's warranty, they are responsible for filling in the warranty claim paperwork within the allotted time. The items should then be returned to us, along with the warranty paperwork, and any shipping costs must be prepaid. If after inspection, parts are judged to be unserviceable due to defective material or manufacture, we will deliver a new or replacement part to the buyer at no extra charge to them. In some circumstances we may also reserve the right to send the part away for repair if it is deemed fit and proper to do so.

If a replacement part is needed, Partsroom cannot be held responsible for any extra costs incurred during operational equipment downtime. In addition, if the part has been altered or tampered with in any way, this also voids any warranty on the item.

At Partsroom we strive to provide the very best service possible, so if you have any queries regarding product warranties or replacement parts, contact our experienced customer service team who are only to happy to assist.