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Product Number: SKY158438

SkyJack 158438 Front Wheel Assembly / Drive Wheel

Product Number: SKY158438

SkyJack 158438 Front Wheel Assembly / Drive Wheel

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This SkyJack lift non-marking drive wheel, part number 158438, is a compact white tire assembly with no brake and pre-molded onto the rim. For use as the front (non-braking) wheel on conventional and compact SkyJack lifts. For the corresponding rear tire or brake wheel, please see SkyJack part 158439. Formerly SkyJack part# 154836. If you're looking for the manufacturer catalog number SJ-154836, you can use this tire instead.
Tire Size: 200 x 8 inches.
Fits model numbers: SJ 3215, SJ 3219, SJ3015, and SJ3019.*
*Not all of these models will use this part. Part numbers also depend on the serial number/model year. Always look up each unit's serial number in the OEM parts manual for proper identification before ordering to ensure accuracy.
Manufacturer catalog numbers: SJ-158438, SJ-154836, SJ-108020.
Brand new, quality aftermarket part shipped from our North American warehouse. Partsroom offers same-day order dispatch on most stocked parts, with 2-day shipping to 90% of USA and Canada.

Warning!Please ensure that the part number is correct before submitting your order. Check your model and serial number then look up the parts manual to confirm that you are ordering the correct part.

For more information on delivery dates and shipping timelines, please see our Shipping Information page.

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